Why Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 Skips the Metaverse for Now

PlayStation has officially launched the highly anticipated PlayStation VR2, offering gamers a new generation of virtual reality gaming. Sony’s commitment to the VR space is reflected in the years of development leading up to the release of PSVR2. While there are many exciting features to look forward to, one thing that stands out is the lack of social VR apps on the platform. In this article, we’ll examine Sony’s VR strategy and explore why the Metaverse is not a part of it.

PlayStation VR 2

Before diving into Sony’s VR strategy, let’s briefly highlight some new details about the PlayStation VR 2. The headset is lighter and smaller than its predecessor, and it offers three different VR play styles. There are also over 100 VR games currently in development, with more than 30 available at launch.

One of the standout games available on PSVR2 is Gran Turismo 7, offering an immersive racing experience that transports players into the cockpits of their cars. The game takes advantage of eye-tracking foveated rendering, providing a seamless resolution that increases where the player is looking. The VR “showroom” feature allows players to view every vehicle they own or can purchase from any angle.

Social VR’s Popularity on Meta Quest:

Social VR experiences and multiplayer games account for over half of usage time on Meta Quest. This suggests that virtual reality is commonly used as a social technology. However, most of the VR games announced for PlayStation VR 2 are single-player titles, raising the question of why Sony didn’t put more effort into social VR at launch.

Avatars and Virtual Homes Missing:

In addition to social VR apps, Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 is missing avatars and a virtual home that users can customize and invite friends to visit. While these features may seem like small omissions, they play a significant role in the Metaverse.

World Building Opportunities:

The Metaverse is also home to various world-building opportunities, allowing users to create rooms and worlds. Sony has a powerful creation app in its portfolio with Dreams, but it’s not yet being used for PlayStation VR 2. This represents a missed opportunity.

Why is the Metaverse Missing?

It’s unclear why Sony chose to omit social VR apps and world-building opportunities from the PlayStation VR 2. One possible explanation is that the company is wary of allowing VR applications that resemble public places in its official store, given content moderation issues that have plagued social networks for years. By not including these features, Sony can avoid such problems altogether.


While Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 has many exciting features, the lack of social VR apps and world-building opportunities is a significant omission. It remains to be seen whether Sony will announce some kind of social VR app in the future, but for now, the Metaverse is not part of Sony’s VR strategy.

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