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Metaverse & Web3: Exploring the Latest Developments and Trends in the metaverse #7
Please find the weekly Metaverse report #7. Every week, Metarchitect Studio will synthesise the most important metaverse-related events of the past week. We invite you to follow us on our different...
What We Know About the Rumored Apple VR/AR Headset: Release Date, Features, and Price
For years, rumours have been circulating about Apple’s plans for augmented reality. Now, the company’s AR/VR headset is expected to arrive in 2023. But what do we know about this mysterious...
Why Sony's PlayStation VR 2 Skips the Metaverse for Now
PlayStation has officially launched the highly anticipated PlayStation VR2, offering gamers a new generation of virtual reality gaming. Sony’s commitment to the VR space is reflected in the years...
the Metaverse: An Artist and Gallery's Guide to a New Reality
The metaverse is bringing a whole new dimension to the art world! This virtual world combines the physical and digital realms, offering artists, museums and galleries a chance to blast off to new heights...
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